Bespoke Templates

Slides don't have to be dull and boring, even if you are a corporate entity!

PowerPoint is exactly that - getting your point across in the most powerful way. The slideshow here is just a few ways we have lifted boring slide decks to give them more of an impact.

We combine Photoshop and After Effects to really help with creating a more professional product. 

Brochures and Flip Books

Are you ready for an exciting new way to market your brand with real style? Do you need a new look for your tired old presentations and lack-lustre brochures? The answer may be as simple as the flip of a page!

Thanks to the latest technology breakthrough in the flipbooks digital media platform, you can now transform any digital page content into a virtual story that comes alive right on your screen!

Like watching a great story, presenting your campaign or promotion in a modern flipbook will capture your readers’ attention and keep them engaged from beginning to end. It’s an experience they will remember long after the last page has turned.

Flipbooks themselves are not new. But with the latest advancements, what used to be merely a flipbook is now a high-tech, easy-to-navigate promotional tool for your business.

So, why digital flipbooks? Why not stick with the tried-and-true print materials or traditional presentations? The best way to answer that is to invite you to see a flipbook in action.

Print materials have already made their way into the world of digital media with great success through e-books, virtual magazines and other virtual formats. While today’s readers appreciate the ease and convenience of e-reading, some still long for the traditional page-turning format they’ve grown up with. Flipbooks and other digital reading materials satisfy both needs.

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Working on behalf of someone else?

No Problem

We operate a full NDA service, which 

means that we will work on your behalf, either as another member of your team or as a total "ghost"  

You will retain all assets at the end of the project and we will either delete all the files or retain for 12 months in case of updates (if required).